Scale Your Digital Agency With Our Exclusive Advertising Deals

Tailored Advertising Support for Microsoft Ads, TikTok Ads, Twitter Ads & Telegram Ads

What this Service?

AdMax is for digital agencies that are growing and would like to expand. We also support disruptive innovation through underrated ad platforms.

Receive Ad Incentive Payments

Resolve Ad Compliance Issues

Scale Your Ad Campaigns

We work with the largest Microsoft Ads channel partner to deliver agency support program that enables agencies to deliver best possible Microsoft Ad performance to to their clients.

Program Benefits:

Access to Microsoft Ads beta features

Dedicated Account Manager with priority support

Ad vouchers and other incentives

We have a partnership with the leading TikTok Ads reseller in Europe. It enables marketers to leverage all available targeting options of TikTok Ads and receive direct support.

Program Benefits:

Agency Business Center Setup

Priority Support with ad creative compliance review

Credit line access up to $50,000

Easy account top-up (Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Crypto)

Free ad spend vouchers up to $15,000

Who Qualifies For This Service?

You spend minimum $1,000+ per month on paid ads

You already have some proven ad campaigns

You advertise white-hat products and services within policy guidelines

You are one phone-call away from securing a huge source of competitive advantage for your Digital Agency

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